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Brexit negotiations?

One of my favorite classes while studying as an undergraduate was physical chemistry. This was notable since most people hated physical chemistry, otherwise known as “Pchem”. The main reason for this is that quantum mechanics taught in Pchem is at odds with everything you had been taught in physics for your entire life, often called Newtonian or classical physics. For example, in quantum mechanics, the movement and location of electrons are defined by “probability clouds”, meaning they might be somewhere or might not. Given this uncertainty, it is interesting that “chaos theory” is derived from classical physics. In recent years however physicists are drawing parallels with chaos theory and quantum mechanics. Said another way, you can find order in chaos and chaos in order. I have often asked myself that if you can’t predict the exact location and movement of the basic constituents of what makes up human beings, how can you predict or even control human behavior? Therefore I have long been a proponent of “natural law”, meaning things will occur as they will in nature, and ultimately tend to chaos and decentralization.

If you look at current events, the existing social and economic order is unraveling at lightning speed. Brexit negotiations, China/US trade tensions, Ukraine, Yellow vests in France, Catalonia, Syria troop withdrawal, impeachment inquiry, Hong Kong protests, the list goes on and on. I could write multi-page posts on any of these topics individually, but that wouldn’t serve justice to the overall theme without losing sight of the forest through the trees. The “forest”, if you will, is that we live on a planet with a fixed amount of resources with an ever-expanding population. These disagreements, battles, controversies or whatever you call them, are often about how to control and distribute those resources.

In Syria, for example, the mainstream media and many in Washington maintain that we are severing alliances, abandoning the Kurds, and empowering ISIS by removing 1000 troops from a base near the Syria and Turkey border. Is that really the case? I would urge people to repeatedly ask “why?” to find the root cause, otherwise known as the “five whys”. Once you do that, you discover it is about resources, trade, and power over such. The land in question is very rich in energy and agricultural resources, and the real concern is that Syria and Russia will gain influence by brokering a deal in the region. In addition, the land occupied by Turkey is considered very strategic for China and its “silk road” project linking European and Asian trade. Therefore “ISIS” is just a perpetual boogeyman that will never cease to exist.

Ukraine is important for similar reasons. Do you think the recent “controversies” that surround Ukraine are coincidental? No, not in the slightest. Ukraine happens to be rich in agriculture and natural gas, and of course it is important to be able to feed your citizens and keep them warm. The origin of the ongoing issues in Ukraine is when Ukraine decided not to join the Euro and coincidentally (or not), the EU has to buy energy resources from Russia. Coincidentally (or not), the most recent wave of McCarthyism seems to have started at about the same time, when the Russians “invaded” Ukraine, a country with a lot of Russians. In other words, Ukraine not joining the Euro was an unacceptable result for those that want resources and trade further consolidated within the Euro. As it stands, the EU maintains it cannot afford to pay the price for natural gas that Russia is asking. Hmmm.

Ask yourself similar questions about Brexit, or even Trump. For the power elite, it is about outcomes that meet pre-determined criteria, narratives, and world view. Every time it doesn’t happen in the prescribed or orderly way, all hell breaks loose. If you don’t align with those views, you are labeled radical, stupid, ignorant, racist, or worse…a Russian asset.

Expect chaos and unpredictability to reign. Any attempts to further consolidate power and trade will only serve to enhance instability.

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3 years ago

Interestingly, when discussing with others the existence of God, I often point out that when mankind is left to his own devices, and morality is thrown out, order descends into chaos. In my opinion, morality came from somewhere, even if man “invented” the concept of God, and seems to be in a state of decay in many areas of society. I don’t have much technical understanding of physics, but I understand through natural processes, such as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, that energy is wasted the more it is transferred, therefore showing things seem to be in a state of… Read more »