About me

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Hi, my name is Ray and I started this blog to share my own ideas and experiences with the world. Content will include anything and everything in which I am interested, including but not limited to sports, travel, food, real estate, markets, finance, economics, fixing things, and most importantly my role as a husband and a Dad to two wonderful children.

My educational background is an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. I spent 20 plus years in various roles including Process engineer, Product Design Manager, Director of Technology Development, and Program Manager. In addition I ran an insurance business in Lake Tahoe where I lived for a few years.

For most of my adult life, I have invested in income producing real estate which ultimately has allowed me to take time off from my professional career and spend more time with my family and do things like, well, start a blog. Real estate is a passion of mine and you will certainly hear about my experiences as a home buyer, investor and landlord.

With that, thank you for visiting my site. Hopefully you learn or hear something that will help you live a better life.