Time’s up

Coming to an economy near you

There are times or events in your life that you never forget. Often these are tragedies like the Kennedy assassination, Space Shuttle explosion, or 9/11. The event can also be a good one, like the birth of a child or a marriage, however the human brain is hard wired to more aptly remember traumatic events as part our self preservation and defense mechanisms. It seems odd, but my focus is such that I feel like I am experiencing such a moment. Has there been an “event”? Not really? Covid started roughly a year and a half ago. Riots? Last year too.

My sense now is that we are approaching some kind of “singularity” when it comes to human hubris, greed, and outright deceit. A question you might ask yourself is “does anything matter?” Statistics seem to have little or no meaning. You don’t agree with results of a study? Child’s play, just ignore it and attack the source. You want to get a vaccine approved in less than 2 years when it normally takes 4-5 years? Simple, just ignore the need for long term safety data and remove the control group, so you have nothing to compare against. Something went wrong with a military pull-out where people died? Hey, its the predecessor’s fault. Can’t afford something? That is so 1970’s; we print money so who cares about a budget? A political ally is no longer useful? C’mon, all you need to do is leak accusations and make some shit up. The list goes on and on and on. The fact is we live in a post truth world. The truth doesn’t matter, it is whatever someone says it is, as long as it fits the narrative.

What this means, at least from this humble person’s perspective, is that we have yet to experience the “big one” where all of what I describe above is exposed and then washed away. Natural forces always win out. Covid is (was) big, but it seems to be just a pre-amble. I mean, did the black plague have a 99.8% plus survival rate and even higher for people under 70? Alternatively Covid could be a part of a series of events, where there is no big “1” but rather a multi year cascade of generational “grey” swans.

So far, only the folks on the bottom part of the social and economic spectrum have been impacted. Many people are barely getting by; free money or no free money. The chattering crowd continues to yawn at double digit inflation while sitting in their 2MM estates (1MM is so 2005) and drinking top shelf liquor while watching the latest sport to go woke (bread and circuses, anyone?). In the end, you can’t print food and if people would rather not work than be forced to take a vaccine, you will likely have a shortage. Goods and services still have to go from point A to point B. Suffice to say the chattering crowd better pay heed, and now.

Is it different “this time”, i.e. we have entered an age where indeed nothing matters and everything is simply by decree? Nope, never. Except “this time” will be of a magnitude perhaps never before seen, and not in a good way.