Still tickin’

It would come as no surprise to me if people thought I was in a ditch somewhere or worse after basically disappearing from social media and the electronic world for 3 months. The truth is that I have undergone a kind of lifestyle reset after encountering some health obstacles (non covid related). Because of that I have simplified my life, rarely posting on Facebook and ignoring most of the news all together. Electronic abstinence alone has made my life much more fulfilling. Aside from that I have eliminated caffeine from my diet other than the trace amount found in decaf Keurig cups, and don’t consume alcohol other than non alcoholic beer with a level of 0 to 0.5%. It is not that I consumed a ton of either of these, i.e. caffeine and alcohol, it is just that I found my consumption to be somewhat habitual and well, unnecessary. Another change has been consuming less red meat while eating oatmeal loaded with omegas and anti-oxidants nearly every morning. While doing all of this I closed my trading positions about two months ago to take a break from that as well while retaining a solid portion of my profits.

So it has been a transformation, rocky at times and fraught with ups and downs. In the end I feel 1000% better. Therefore for the few folks who actually read this blog, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, paraphrasing the great Mark Twain. Moving forward I am deciding between gainful employment or starting something completely new, maybe even of the non-profit variety. I am torn between a fundamental liking of science and problem solving, while also having a desire to help people. I find the game of chasing quarterly profits boring and unfulfilling. I do still intend to trade my own account as new opportunities arise.

My advice for folks is simple. Take care of your health and family first. Money means nothing if you don’t have good health. Ignore the social media disease that is full of misinformation, narcissism, and censorship. Go outside and simply enjoy the fresh air. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.